Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story Mile Marker 285

Today grew cloudy in anticipation of a cold front due by dinner time. We experienced lots of iffy, skinny water all day as we crossed small sounds and creeks with unmarked shoaling. 
We had to time three swing bridges carefully, and we clinked on a highway bridge at 64 feet. Otherwise, it was a straightforward day with lots of diversions.

The view from our stern before dawn at Dudley's Marina.

The birth of a new inlet compliments of Sandy.

Efforts to dredge the ICW and patch that dune/inlet above.

Gypsies in the Palace?

The pelican rookery next door.

Sometimes they close the ICW
for target practice at Camp Lejeune, but thankfully,
not today!

Someone had a really bad day.

Nothing says "Buy my house." like a giraffe on the lawn.

Does the giraffe come with the house?