Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcome to South Carolina, Mile Marker 467

Georgetown, Sc, was a productive rice growing community before the civil war. Today it is a quaint community on the river that provides a break from the ICW. This is our third visit here so we skipped tourist things and just walked the streets in an effort to repair Susan's sea legs. We enjoyed dinner at the Rice Paddy and spent two days on maintenance and dock walking and talking, gathering local knowledge and viewing the town Christmas parade and tree lighting. There is always some festival here!

Monday morning we set off in what was labeled as "possible light fog off shore," only to run hours in the fog and rain. Skies cleared by late afternoon and as we approached Charleston, it was positively beautiful, sunny and warm. It was a textbook perfect float plan, 64 miles in one day, clearing bridges and making bridge openings like clockwork.

Local advice was to skip City Cock in Charleston, to stay at Charleston Harbor Marina and Resort with the resort amenities and a shuttle available to town. We would NOT recommend this to anyone! The Cooper River is commercial and cruise ships dock across the river from the marina. Hence, one rocks all the time and the docks rise hugely each time a ship goes up or down river. The marina is more than three miles from anything. All the rivers have current to contend with, but we would go back to City dock if given a chance.

The shuttle service served us relatively well. Tuesday we spent the morning walking the beach on Sullivan's Island. It was overcast but warm and the beach was beautiful. We found breakfast and lunch at a local coffee shop. This is a permanent community, not a tourist destination. It was hard not to spend part of each day in the city of Charleston so we planned a meal each day in the historic district. No debate, this is one of the best towns for foodies. For boaters following us on this journey, we highly recommend Husk, Magnolias, Blossom, S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad,) The Peninsula Grill, and Poogan's Porch. This is the time we live on shrimp, grits, cornbread, biscuits, chutneys, and local foods. Once again, we just enjoyed walking street after street, no big agenda this visit.

The weatherman predicted rain Tuesday, then moved it to Wednesday, then Thursday . . . you get the situation. The tides are best for us tomorrow, so Friday it is, rain or shine. We are ready to move on and eager to get to Miami in general. It will be another long day tomorrow as we head to Dataw Island, a new stop for us. We are a little disappointed not to be making as many friends as we made last year, but we are late traveling. Still, we are meeting a few folks, many who are late as a result of Sandy and Athena. Here's to better days for everyone.
Fog on the Wacamaw River
Rain through the windshield

And how we survive the rain and fog.

The famous bridge boards.
Cypress knees are back again.

Mistle toe in tree tops.

Our favorite!

Sullivan's Island Light

The Charleston Market at closing.