Friday, November 9, 2012

We ARE Sailors

When you have spent the season at the dock you begin to doubt yourself. Are we still sailors? The answer is a happy YES!

It was light out but still rough when Rick announced today was our departure day. I had time for a first cup of tea, hasty oatmeal and then it was foul weather gear, complete with gloves and scarf. I took my place on the deck and began to untie lines. The wind blew 17 knots as Promise left her slip and we raced to beat low tide. Departure time, 7:15 AM. Bright skies, strong winds, an empty bay. We were riding the outgoing tide and the seas got a boost from the waters released at the Conowingo Dam at the northern end of the Bay. At one point we made 9.6 knots, and we never fell below hull speed all day.

They call the "dodger" the dodger for a reason. We took water over the boat and the dodger all the way to Annapolis. Once we passed the Bay Bridge and Annapolis, things calmed down considerably. We were able to sail most of the way to Solomons Island. A handful of boats joined us in the afternoon and followed us into Spring Cove Marina. We were tied up and washing the boat down by 3 PM, and we are ready to eat dinner out.

It felt so good to feel the boat beneath us. Every splash, every seagull and fish trap felt familiar and comforting. The boat handled beautifully, and we didn't do so bad either! It just felt good to sail for a change.

Tomorrow, Deltaville, VA, followed by Norfolk on Sunday.

A view of the Annapolis Bay Bridge through our salty dodger window.

We shot down the Bay with a NW wind behind us, which took us back to Thomas Point Light, 
an old favorite of many, a reminder of times past.
It is the only surviving screwpile lighthouse left on the Bay.