Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy and a Change of Plans

After a long, hot summer with little sailing but lots of time with family, we are gearing up for the day we cast off lines and head down the bay. Originally we selected a late date to accommodate a family wedding at the end of October. Fate kept us in our slip for this historic weather event, we missed the wedding but were around to protect our boat. Pictures of Promise before and after testify to our efforts, and as of today, reports are positive and we expect to find her in good shape when we return. 

Many of you inquired about what we do for hurricanes and where do we go, were we going to be safe. The key for us has been our sons who offer to help strip the boat and to take us in. Fortunately for us, unfortunately for Micah in DC, he is closest. And while we assure our daughter-in-law this will not be an annual event, this is our second hurricane in two years where we took all of our valuables and we moved to DC. We expect to move home to the boat Wednesday. 

Enjoy these photos today, celebrate that we are safe and expect no damage!  If the forecast hold, we may leave Monday or Tuesday, November 5th or 6th.