Friday, November 18, 2011

Roller Coaster Weather Nov. 17, 2011 Mile Marker 590

When the water is 67 degrees and the air temp is about 80, the result is dense fog that lingers for three days! Harbor Town was a great marina to stay in under these conditions. Each day several boats left only to return. We road bikes to the beach one day, took a cab the next to another beach. What's not to like about being fogged in?

All good things come to an end so on Thursday we left for Isle of Hope, which is on the south side of Savannah. This is the home of a state park featuring ruins of the oldest structure in Savannah, GA, so we borrowed a courtesy car and dashed over to see it before the sun went down. The winds are howling now and the temp will drop about 25 degrees tonight. It's a good thing we had the generator repaired as we intend to anchor out tomorrow as a way of cutting the next 80 mile run in half. In the morning we'll head to New Teakettle Creek.
Charleton, SC
Historic homes and Palmetto trees along the waterfront.

The Big Chill House
Private residence, Beaufort, SC
Promise at sunrise
Beaufort Town Dock, November 15, 2011
A mile of Live Oak trees dripping with moss:
Entrance to Wormslow, constructed in 1736,
the oldest structure in Savannah, GA.