Friday, November 4, 2011

Cypress Knees, Spanish Moss and Mistletoe: Welcome to South Carolina Mile Marker 402

Waccamaw River ICW SC
We scheduled our departure from North Myrtle Beach with the tides in mind for today. There were nine fixed bridges, three swing bridges and a railroad bridge to navigate. Rick really timed it correctly and we pulled off all twelve bridges with adequate clearance and timely openings.

The ICW was beautiful today. The first populated section was narrow and scenic, but once we entered the Waccamaw River, the scenery look like something from a swamp movie. It was full of cypress, moss and mistletoe. The river eventually got very wide and began to switch back on itself. We only saw three boats in eight hours over our 57 miles.

The last hour and a half we had steady 25 knot winds and rain so Georgetown, was a welcome sight. Tied up, all we cared about was being safe and warm. We'll make a weather dependent decision in the morning to stay or move on to Isle of Palm.
Spanish moss in an Osprey nest: you're not in Maryland anymore.

Welcome to South Carolina