Sunday, July 14, 2013

Captains Log Recap: The great trip to home port, Miami to Rock Hall June 21, 2013

We know of several people following our blog  who are planning their own trip south in the near future, so I kept better notes on our trip home this spring to share. We left Dinner Key Marina at Coconut Grove, Miami, FL on May 8th, and arrived back at our “home port” of Rock Hall, MD on June 21.  We’d waited several days after our land trip up to Washington, DC for a good weather window, and when it finally came we headed up the coast with plans to stop in Ft. Lauderdale or continue to Lake Worth Inlet if the weather allowed. As it was we picked up the Gulf Stream and even though there was not enough wind to fill our sails, we passed Lauderdale by lunch and were through Lake Worth in time to head to North Lake Worth for an anchorage, our only night on the hook for the trip. 

Most of you know that we are creatures of comfort; we’ve become marina hoppers so that we can plug in the AC and rest assured that if it blows or storms we’re safe and sound.

Well, here’s some details that some of you may be interested in:

Travel days total:                    44

Days we moved the boat        24

Statute miles covered (approx)          1245

Speed (avg.)                           7 mph/6.4 knots

Engine hours                           177

Diesel fuel (Gal)                                  227

Fuel Costs                               $870

Fuel consumption (gal/hr)       1.3

Marina fees ($1.50-2.50)        $4,000

Was it a great trip? Yes! But it’s good to be “home” too.