Saturday, May 25, 2013

Images of Fernandina Beach, FL and Cumberland Island, GA

What would have been your entrance to Dungeness,
The Carnegie Home on Cumberland Island.

The beauty is in the remaining details.

Like there wasn't beauty all around, this pergola was built
to walk through to appreciate the grounds.

One is prohibited from walking inside Dungeness since it burned in 1959.
Knowing it is home to snakes and larger animals like bear and bob cat
is also a deterrent.

Wild horses roam the ruins and the beaches
where they beg from visitors.


We can't ignore the happy fisherman!
It was Rick's last day to use his
Florida License. His guide put him
onto Red Fish, though he had to
put his fly rod away to land a few.

Fernandina Light
from Fort Cinch State Park.

The Coast Guard has turned the Light over
to the town of Fernandina.
It sits in the center of a housing development
and appears unappreciated,
though well maintained,
because it is not accessible to anyone.