Saturday, February 23, 2013

Falling In Love With South Beach

It's not a long drive, depending on traffic and sightseers, to the paradise of South Beach. We keep returning for the view and the white powdered sand. This week is SoBe's Food and Wine Fest and the Today show took over the Lowes Hotel. Not being fans of large crowds who find the cocktails first, we have watched the events from a far. The weather has been spectacular and we are counting down the twenty nine lifeguard stations with delight. It is like going on a scavenger hunt. Rick drops me off, I start the march down the beach until one comes into view. By the time I have shot three or four stations, I meet Rick and we wander back for shots with different light.

In case you wonder, the stations are rarely "straight" as they are subject to the elements. The head lifeguard for the Miami group tells me that they repaint and decorate a few stations a year, so what we capture now may be different in the future. Though newer ones are movable, some stations are lost to hurricanes. Others have been replaced for safety reasons. Newer stations are all of one design so you'll recognize older stations as more shapely and unique, round or funky so to speak. We love them all. Stay tuned and find your favorite by the time we walk up to 86th. Street!

Art Deco on the Beach

When it's blowing no one wants to sit on the beach-
too bad, it was a gorgeous day!