Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bonefish Follies

6 hits, 3 hook ups and one landing.  Even this little one took several runs and lots of backing before I could lead him to the boat. My guide Rick Sawyer did a great job of putting me on to fish.  We saw some really big fish.  Lots of sharks, barracuda and trigger fish too. With the wind blowing 15-20 knots and my rusty arm I lined and scared a lot of fish.  We hooked up in deeper water than I expected and a really big fish ran off hundreds of yards of backing and then disappeared.  Could be a shark got him before I did. While I look sunburned, my SPF 55 did the trick and the wind burn went away by the next day. Oh! next time no buttons on shirts and no shoes with laces, but the line tamer tub on the deck kept me from loosing the line over board, and I can't wait for a chance to try again.