Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Setting Sail!

Baltimore Light in the fog.
It felt like we would never leave, but we did sail away Wednesday September 21st! Fog did not deter us, winds were 8-12 knots, and we managed to sail past Annapolis before heading into Tilghman Island. The "season" has ended so this trip is about as serene as one could hope for, mostly lighthouses, cruisers and fishermen for companions.
Love a good ol' boat.

Thomas Point Light

The fog persisted until rain ended the day in Tilman but the fishermen are hard workers, full of color and history.
Thursday we headed carefully through the Napps Narrows toward Oxford, a short ride sans sailing. Each year the town of Oxford holds a fund raiser, auctioning sections of fence milled in the Oxford style and decorated by local artists. This stop was just for a bike ride through the sea captain architecture and the photo op with the fences. Tonight is dinner with my favorite chef at the Robert Morris Inn. We'll decide later if we'll cast off tomorrow or not, all depending on the rain event over us.